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Klöckner polyPUR Chemie GmbH

Your supplier for chemical raw materials & auxiliaries

Sales partner in the chemical industry

Our services

We are the classic intermediary in the market between manufacturer and consumer and also offer our services to non-European producers. Our strength is a good distribution network with structured and reliable processes.

So, what can we do for YOU?

Distribution business

We enable efficient and flexible outsourcing and even, if desired, in full service. We take care of the processing and you take care of your core competencies.

Distribution under own label

You prefer to distribute your products unrecognized? We are happy to distribute them under our own label and thus stand for your quality.

Large & small quantities

We are oriented to any quantities. Whether tanker, IBC, drum or even bottling. Small-scale distribution in stock is also possible.


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Klöckner polyPUR Chemie GmbH

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