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Here you will find an overview of the chemical raw materials & auxiliaries we distribute

product groups


Isocyanates TDI + MDI

TDI 80/20, TDI 65/35, TDI 100, Crude MDI


Flame retardants

Epoxidized vegetable oils & esters

Epoxy hardeners

Conjugated fatty acids

Klöckner polyPUR Chemie GmbH

Competence with personal service

Klöckner polyPUR is your supplier for high-quality chemical additives and raw materials.

Our customers are manufacturers of PU-foam, plastics, paints, coatings and adhesives, masterbatches, etc.

We act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer in the market. That is why we offer our services to producers within and outside Europe.  

OUR STRENGTH: A good distribution network with structured and reliable processes  

We are focused on large and small quantities (tanker, IBC, drum, filling). We also offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs in the field of stockholding and small-scale distribution. 

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Since 2004 we are distributor of the company ICL in Germany, Benelux, Austria as well as Switzerland for flame retardants and plasticizers of the product groups Fyrol, Fyrolflex and Phosflex.

Since 2013 we also offer the brominated flame retardants, the bromine/epoxy, as well as tailor made solutions of the company ICL.

Epoxy hardener

Epoxy systems are preferably used in corrosion protection and construction applications. The very good adhesion to metallic and mineral substrates allows a wide range of applications. Epoxy systems are the first choice for many applications where adhesion and mechanical strength combined with high elasticity are required. The hardener plays a major role in determining the properties of the cured coating.

Solvent-free adduct hardeners are suitable for coating poorly pretreated substrates. They develop good adhesion to the substrate even at high humidities and are also used for corrosion protection in shipbuilding.

Solutions of polyaminoamide hardeners with rapid physical drying of the coatings. Various solvent mixtures are possible.


Under specialties, Hobum groups together innovative products that are distinguished from the other portfolio by special additional features.

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Since October 2017, we have the four above-mentioned product groups of the company Hobum Oleochemicals from Hamburg, for delivery in Germany, in the program.

These include:

All of these products have renewable raw materials as a basis.

Epoxidized vegetable oils & esters

The epoxidized vegetable oils and esters of Hobum, which we represent, are characterized by a high degree of coordination with the requirements of the applications. More specific qualities and vegetable oils, such as linseed oil, have also been taken into account.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, conjugated

The isomergic acids are conjugate fatty acids with rapid initial and through drying for the production of alkyd resins and epoxy esters. Pronounced tendency to copolymerize with vinyl monomers according to the Diels-Alder mechanism.


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